• MTB -10 Mountain Ready Tips for Novices

    Posted on August 14, 2013 by in mountain biking
    Less experienced MTB riders need to prepare themselves before heading into the mountains

    Less experienced MTB riders need to prepare themselves before heading into rugged mountain terrain

    Lammergeier Highlands Reserve is popular among MTB riders. With the sport steadily growing, we’ve noticed a substantial increase in new riders on our guest list.

    Getting up close and personal with the mountains on the reserve seems to be a pretty universal goal among them. But, as experienced MTB riders know, it is challenging terrain that requires planning, fitness and technique.

    With this in mind, we decided to put together a couple of pointers for new MTB riders who want to graduate from the beginner trails to the mountain trails on the reserve.

    New to mountain terrain?

    1. Work on your technique and your fitness. The mountain will challenge both.
    2. Get your MTB checked and, if needed, serviced.
    3. Invest in good quality gear: body armour (knees and elbows), gloves, glasses / goggles and helmet.
    4. When you pack, remember that the temperature in the mountains could be substantially lower than in the valley. Take a mid-layer and a waterproof outer layer along.
    5. Pack your GPS. Getting lost up there takes the fun out of the ride.
    6. The altitude difference means that you will work harder. Pack enough nutrition and fluids.
    7. Speaking of altitude, remember the sunblock.
    8. Due to the challenging terrain, chances are fair that something will give. Pack a first aid kit, tools and enough spares.
    9. Don’t ride alone. Invite a buddy with some mountain terrain experience along.
    10. Let us know exactly which MTB trail you intend taking. That way, we’ll be able to find you should something go wrong.
    Mountainous adventure trails taking it's toll. Remember your MTB Spares.

    Mountainous adventure trails can take its toll on your MTB. Take the right MTB spares and tools along.

    Ask the MTB Experts

    The big MTB names out there aren’t shy to share their expertise with newcomers to the sport: on the Internet, in cycling shops and in person. Take a look at the resources listed below and visit your local cycling shop to see if there are mountain-specific training sessions in your area.

    Useful Links

    Trail Tech: What to pack for long mountain bike rides  – good article describing the top 20 items the author packs

    How to prepare for a mountain biking tour – YouTube video. Although for a multi-day ride, he offers great pointers that could be applied to MTB riders heading into the mountains.

    MTB Tips – Series of YouTube videos worth watching if you need to work on your technique.