What to Expect

We recently put together a short list  of What to Expect when visiting Lammergeier Highlands Reserve. As a new guest, you should find this helpful. If you have been here before, and feel there is something we omitted, please contact us with the details.

What to Expect: Mountain weatherLocal Weather

Seasons: The Highlands has four very distinct seasons. Summer day time temperatures average at +/- 27°C and 10°C at night. Winter daytime temperatures average at +/- 16°C and -1°C at night. Please check the weather forecast.

Mountain weather: Unpredictable and changeable; plan for all 4 seasons in a single day. Comfortable, practical clothing is recommended and a warm jacket regardless of the time of year. Regular snowfalls – winter; thunderstorms – summer.

What to expect: mountain sun protectionSun Protection

Lammergeier Highlands Reserve is situated at high altitude. As a result we also have a higher UV than you may be accustomed to.  Please come prepared with high SPF UVA / UVB sun block, sun-glasses, hats and long-sleeved tops.

This precaution applies throughout the year; even in winter due to UV rays reflecting off the snow.


What to Expect - Groceries NeededSelf-catering

If you’re self-catering, try to shop beforehand. The convenience stores in Lady Grey and Barkly East mostly stock only the essentials. Supply of fresh fruit and vegetables is variable. There are excellent butchers in Barkly East and Lady Grey and the local meat is of excellent value and quality. The nearest large food retailer is in Aliwal North (1 hour drive) and there are restaurants in Lady Grey and Barkly East. We’ll gladly offer recommendations.


What to expect: Pharmacy, doctor, hospitalPharmacies, Hospitals and Doctors

There are no pharmacies in Barkly East or Lady Grey.  The nearest pharmacy to Lammergeier Highlands Reserve is in Aliwal North.

There are hospitals and doctors in Lady Grey, Barkly East and Aliwal North should you need medical assistance.


What to expect: Mobile phone coverageCellular Reception

There is limited cellular reception on the Lammergeier Highlands Reserve. The different venues have different signal: limited signal, limited to a specific service provider, or no signal. Should you need to confirm whether your venue has signal please call us.

We are also able to point you to the spots with the best reception when you arrive.


What to expect: gravel access road to Lammergeier ReserveRoads

The roads are fairly well graded gravel and, in good weather, 4×4 vehicles are not required. High clearance remains preferable, particularly if you wish to take the Jouberts Pass. The roads can become challenging with snow and heavy rainfall. It is always advisable to drive cautiously and to check with the resort before embarking on the gravel road in these conditions. If  unsure, please check with us whether  your vehicle will be suitable.


What to expect: Availability of Petrol and DieselFuel Availability

There are filling stations in Lady Grey, Barkly East as well as Aliwal North. These stations stock Petrol and Diesel (500ppm and 50ppm).

If you are going to require fuel for your bikes / quad bikes while you are here, please remember to fill your jerry cans and bring these along. We are unable to provide you with fuel on the reserve.