Mountain Biking

Mountain Biking training against a rocky incline

On Lammergeier Highlands Reserve we have every flavour mountain biking trail… except vanilla, of course!

Calling all mountain biking enthusiasts out there who are looking for a new adventure! We have the mountains, you just bring your bike.

Lammergeier Highlands Reserve Mountain Biking Trails

On Lammergeier Highlands Reserve we have every flavour mountain biking trail… except vanilla, of course. From cattle tracks to farm roads, through rivers, along valleys and up mountain peaks. These trails run the gamut from easy to advanced, with your route being as short (hours) or long (day/s) as you like.

Advanced Mountain Biking Trails

Mountain biking for families

Our scenic mountain biking trails are suitable for families and less experienced MTB riders

If your interest lies in the more technical routes, we have mountainous terrain, rocky single track, extreme downhills, switchbacks, and eroded jeep tracks to test your technique and endurance.

Lammergeier Highlands Reserve’s mountain biking trails offer the ideal training conditions to hone your skills and improve your riding at high altitudes (average of 2,200m). Warwick Gill, a well-loved guest and friend, trained here with us before forging ahead to conquer the formidable Mt. Kilimanjaro. We’ll be sharing the inspiring story of this incredible man and his remarkable adventure in a future blog post.

Easy Mountain Biking Trails

Mountain biking enthusiast executing a climb

Climbs, descents and rocky terrain await those mountain biking enthusiasts who tackle our expert trails.

We know that not everyone has the peddle power to go where no mountain biker has gone before. We’ll gladly help you plan a mountain biking route to ensure that you have the fun without the burn.

Easy or Advanced? It matters not.

Lammergeier Highlands Reserve and Adventure Trails has some of the best scenic and diverse mountain biking trails in South Africa. But don’t take our word for it. Strap your Giant to your vehicle and head out for the mountains.

It will be epic.