Hiking Trails

The hiking trails on Lammergeier are safe and GPS guided. If the stresses and strains of modern society get too much, it is probably time to get your boots dirty and your head clear.

Lammergeier Highlands Reserve Hiking Trails

One of my favourite lines from J.R.R. Tolkien’s poem “Song of Aragorn” is: “Not all those who wander are lost”. Lammergeier Highlands Reserve’s hiking trails have been been a favourite of many wanderers for many years. Visitors from here and abroad love the fact that we have

Lammergeier Hiking Trails

At Lammergeier, there are hiking trails for everyone

given so much thought to the creation of our hiking trails; offering them beautiful surprises on some, and allowing them to discover very  special paces on others.

Our Hiking Trails are Free for Guests

Our modern lives have become so busy that we seldom allow ourselves the luxury of wandering off the beaten path. We love it when our guests put on their walking shoes to explore and find enjoyment in the many faces the reserve presents. It is a far more intimate experience with nature; one that is lost when engines and wheels are involved.

We have Hiking Trails for Everyone

I personally enjoy the river hikes, where there is a selection of delicious treats in my pack that I can savour with my feet dangling in the stream. Kevin, on the other hand, is a mountain man through and through; the pack is the same, just he prefers his feet dangling off a rock precipice. Some of us like to have adrenaline spice up our lives. Others not so much.

That is why we ensured that just about anybody can find a hiking trail on Lammergeier that will suit their preferences and their abilities.

Family Hiking Trails: There are many spectacular scenic routes that the whole family can enjoy, regardless of fitness level. It is great to get the kids off the couch once in a while to develop a first person appreciation for the wonders of nature. And it is easy to make the hike fun. We’ll still be blogging on ways to engage and entertain your young hikers while you – as a family – are enjoying our hiking trails.

Mountain Hiking Trails: Although hiking is considered a slower paced activity, it isn’t without its dangers when you opt for our mountain hiking trails. These advanced hiking trails will require that you have a GPS, because getting lost is not an option. We strongly advise that you pack as though you are going on more than just a one-day hike, with some technical gear and possibly a tent in your pack.

mountain hiking trails

Lammergeier also has challenging mountain hiking trails for experienced, adventurous hikers

Get Hiking

Lammergeier Highlands Reserve offers you a whole lot of everything because we are situated in the perfect spot: right in the midst of the majestic Witteberg Mountains with the crystal clear Karringmelkspruit carving valleys though its peaks. The reserve is an eco tourism destination gem: the perfect place for you if you want to get away from it all and put some miles on your HiTechs.

Sometimes I think that we are lost until we wander. So, get out of your car and off your bike. Leave your footprints on our paths and they, in return, will leave special memories with you.

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