Lammergeier Highlands Reserve offers a host of activities that will keep everybody happy: young and not-so-young, bookworms and thrill seekers, enthusiasts and testers-of-the-waters or anyone in between. So here follows a list of some of the things you may want to try out:

Wild trout fly fishing.

With 13km of the pristine Karringmelkspruit flowing through the Reserve, we have one of the very best spots in the country for wild trout fly fishing.

Fly Fishing

Stalk wild trout through more than 13 kilometers of pristine mountain fed stream. In the words of fly fishing legend, Tom Sutcliffe, Karringmelkspruit is, “A trout steam for the connoisseur”.

You can visit Tom Sutcliffe’s website to look at pictures of his fly fishing trip to Lammergeier Highlands Reserve. You can also buy his superbly written books directly from his site. (Tom’s site is currently down. Please check back soon)

Rainbow Trout and Yellow Fish.

Permits needed and beat allocation will apply.

Rod fees: R100 per rod per day for residents and R350 per rod per day for day visitors.


4x4 Adventure Trails

Have a go at the 4×4 adventure trails on Lammergeier. We have trails that will satisfy beginners and old hands alike.

4×4 Adventures

River Rat Run: Low-range and some off-road experience required. Tackle Baboons Super Tube, one of four river crossings, with its many idyllic picnic spots. Approximately 4 hours. Guiding by prior arrangement. R250 per vehicle per day.

Transkei Ridgeback: Technical trails for the experienced. Varies from Grades 3 to 5. A magnificent trail leading high up into the mountains overlooking Lesotho. Expect loose rocky hills, limited maneuverability, mountain pass switchbacks and breathtaking views. Approximately 1 day. R500 per vehicle per day including guide.

Here are two really great videos taken of the trails by Koos Zietsman: River Rat Run and Transkei Ridgeback.


Mountain bike trails

Are you a casual mountain bike rider or are you looking for something more challenging to test your endurance? We have mountain bike trails for both.

Mountain Biking Trails

Explore Lammergeier Highlands Reserve  on your mountain bikes. We have a selection of trails. Some of these are gentle and perfect for a leisurely family outing. Others, not so much!

On these you will find absolutely everything: mountainous single track, serious downhills, 4X4 roads, river crossings and more. Oh, and did we mention altitude?

Remember to bring you own mountain bike.

Trail fee: R60 per mountain bike per day.

Here is a video taken by James Matcher: MTB on Ossa – Lammergeier Highlands Reserve

Click here for more information on mountain biking Lammergeier

Hiking trails

Get your boots dirty on our GPS coordinated hiking trails.


Take in the magnificent scenery and get up close and personal with the wildlife on Lammergeier Highlands Reserve. Each hiking trail was purposely laid out to provide you with a really great experience, be it a spectacular natural feature or one of the historic sites to be found on the Reserve. We have short and long routes in order to accommodate everybody.

Experience hikers can, for instance, easily plan a full-day route on our GPS guided hiking trails while the less energetic among us can take a leisurely short stroll along one of the several family trails on the Reserve.

Click here for more information on hiking Lammergeier


Bird Watching Tours

Bird watching tours at Lammergeier Highlands Reserve is a most rewarding experience

Bird Watching

Lammergeier Highlands Reserve is home to a wide variety of species and a number of raptors, including the Cape Vulture and Lammergeier or Bearded Vulture.

There are 207 known species on the Reserve.

If you are planning a visit, you are welcome to download our List of Birds.

Bird List



Dirt bike trails

More than enough dirt bike trails where you can kick up some dust. Exhilarating riding.

Off-Road Motorbiking

If you are after some heart thumping, adrenalin pumping adventure, come and kick up some dust and test your mettle. Our off-road motorbike trails take you up rocky tracks, down steep hills, through rivers and along worn-out tracks. Great for quads too.

Remember to bring your own bike or quad.

Trail fee: R60 per vehicle per day.




River tubing down the Karringmelkspruit

River tubing down the Karringmelkspruit makes for enormous fun when the Summer rains arrive.

River Games

River Tubing: Summer rains bring an adrenalin rush in the form of White water tubing in Karrinmelkspruit. Equipment supplied, please bring your own towel and swimming costume or wetsuit.

River Tubing costs R250 per person. The minimum group size is 4 people.

River Slide: Slidey Pool wasn’t called Slidey Pool without good reason. The rocks formed a natural slide into a natural pool. Great for cooling down in, while visiting this popular picnic spot.

These activities are seasonal, and weather dependent.



The lack of pollution and the high altitude of Lammergeier Highlands Reserve create perfect conditions for stargazing.


Stargazing is a real treat on the reserve due to our clear, unpolluted night skies and our high altitude.

We recommend that you bring a reference book along as there are many fun hours to be had identifying the thousands of twinkling lights in the inky black sky.





Eastern Cape Wildflowers. A spectacular sight to see during Spring and Summer.

Blooming beautiful. Our Eastern Cape Wild Flowers are a sight to behold.

Wild Flowers

During Spring, our wild flowers burst into life and continue to grace the mountains and grasslands on Lammergeier Highlands Reserve well into Summer.

While each season on the reserve offers a different type of beauty, those of you who have a love for wild flowers may want to plan your visit for October and November as these are definitely the show case months.




Nature photography. Images captured through the lens of Edwin Isted.

Your camera will just love Lammergeier Highlands Reserve.


Regardless of whether you are an amateur or a professional photographer, your camera will love the photo opportunities presented on Lammergeier Highlands Reserve.

These beautiful pics were taken by Edwin of

Nature photography at its best.




Guest farming.

Guest farming at Lammergeier Highlands Reserve is a fun activity for the whole family

Farm for a Day

Lammergeier Highlands Reserve is a working cattle farm. There are  a number of farm activities that the kids – or even you – can participate. It offers a look at how our culture of farming in harmony with nature, hangs together.

Get up close to a herd of cattle and enjoy some time with these magnificent animals.

A memorable experience and a fun one too!




The Cape Vulture Sanctuary.

The Lady Grey Cape Vulture Sanctuary is one of the area’s hidden treasures.

Guided tour to Cape Vulture Sanctuary

The Cape Vulture Sanctuary is one of our area’s best kept secrets.

Standing at the top of the cliff and looking down into the Karringmelkspruit Gorge is in itself a great experience; add a number of Cape Vultures flying above and below and it becomes an unforgettable experience.

R500 per vehicle, guided  – minimum 2 vehicles.

Weather dependent.




“May your adventures bring you closer together, even as they take you far away from home.”

 -Trenton Lee Stewart-