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Where is Lammergeier Highlands Reserve?

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Mountains, Streams and Wide Open Spaces…

Lammergeier Highlands Reserve is in the Southern Drakensberg Highlands of the Eastern Cape.

The reserve is sprawled (25,000ha can’t nestle) across the towering Witteberge, through the pristine Karringmelkspruit and over lazily swaying grasslands.The altitude on the reserve ranges from 1,500m – our lowest lying riverbed – to 2,750m – our highest mountain peak. The views are unbeatable, both from the mountain peaks and the deep valley gorges.

We have maps to help you get here and get around. We don’t like losing our guests.

What is Lammergeier Highlands Reserve all about?

Lammergeier is in the business of being stewards of the environment while being charming and excellent hosts to you.

How do I know that I’ll enjoy Lammergeier Highlands Reserve?

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…Where You Can Either Find…

We’ve created a platform for you to have lots of fun, doing what you like doing best, in one of the most beautiful mountainous settings you can ask for. We have the Karringmelkspruit, and the gorges that come with having a mountain stream. Oh, yes… and the waterfalls that feed that stream.

We offer you clean, comfortable, cosy, country accommodation where you can relax or venture from to discover all the wonderful nooks and crannies on the reserve. If you choose the guesthouse, great country cooking can be added to the list.

Who is Lammergeier Highlands Reserve best suited for?

Perfect for families, couples, friends, fly fishers, hikers, photographers, bird watchers, mountain bikers, off-road riders, artists, stargazers, 4×4 aficionados, adventure junkies and those looking for a quiet place where they can just goof off.

When is the best time to visit Lammergeier Highlands Reserve?

Your favorite activity will dictate your favorite time. If you’re unsure, we’ll gladly help you figure that one out.

Lammergeier Highlands Reserve

…Or Simply Lose Yourself.

Why should I choose Lammergeier Highlands Reserve?

Lammergeier has something for everyone. Scenery that will make you grab your camera or easel, a river brimming with wily wild trout, 4×4 tracks, single track, picturesque hiking trails, waterfalls, clear night skies for stargazing, a wealth of bird species, exquisite wild flowers and – as we’ve said – friendly hosts who really care about your experience on the reserve and who love having you around.


Take a look around our site and if you like what you see, or have some more questions, contact us. We’d love to hear from you.